FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $80!





After an order has been shipped, if the package is returned to us by the delivery service, due to an “Undeliverable” or “Insufficient” address, or for any other reason, the following will apply:

If you can provide us with an updated shipping address, we will re-ship or forward the order using the new address. You will be charged a re-shipping fee equal to the original shipping charge on the order order, or if forwarding to a different country, the appropriate shipping charge based on our shipping rate charts.

When requesting re-shipping or forwarding of an order/package, you MUST specify the payment method you wish to be charged for the re-shipping fee. For credit or debit cards, please provide the last 4 digits of the card number. For Paypal accounts, please specify the Paypal account email address.

By providing a new address for a returned package, you are requesting a re-shipment and charge the payment method specified for the re-shipping fee.

We will make every attempt to re-ship returned packages within a reasonable time after you request a re-shipment. Re-Shipping is not guaranteed to be immediate and there may be some delay in re-shipping for administrative or other reasons.

Under no circumstances are refunds or credits provided for orders returned to us for any reason and where you do not wish to have the package re-shipped.